Capo Caccia

A few kilometres away from Alghero, in the north-western far end of Sardinia there is the calcareous promontory of Capo Caccia. It’s certainly the most beautiful and interesting site in the island, not only for its flora and fauna but also for its mysterious labyrinths of inside caves.

Massive calcareous cliffs 300 metres high wedge in the sea. The waves which strongly break on the cliff face seem not to scratch the rocks. Still, waves’ activity has shaped them creating natural submerged caves, sea cavities, arches, tunnels. As a matter of fact Capo Caccia is famous for the loveliness of its largest cave, "Neptune Cave", visited every year by thousands of tourists.The name of the promontory translates as "Hunter’s Cape", referred to those fearless hunters who used to climb the cliff face with ropes in search for birds, especially wild pigeons. It’s a common said that hunters didn’t need to shoot the game because there was so much of it that they could get it by their hands.