The Walled Town

This is a wonderful view: the ancient walls surrounding the town, erected to defend it from the incursions. These ancient walls start from the oldest wharf to the bottom of Santa Barbara’s and Pigafetta‘s bastions, where the "Porta a Mare" and Saint Erasmus’ tower can be seen. Walking on, there is one towers that indicating the main entrance to the port and the other called the tower of "Maddalena".

Moving forward, we can find the "Porta a Terra" tower (which points to the main entrance to the town centre), Saint Joan tower and Sulis tower: they all are the main points from which the ancient complex of town walls can be viewed. Not far away there is Saint Jaume tower, typical for its octagonal shape. Walking on Marco Polo’s bastions, the small "tower of bell" and the tower of Santa Barbara, an old powder-magazine, are reached.