S.Antine Nuragic Village

Sant’Antine’s complex is one of the grandest megalithic structure in Sardinia. It’s a fortress-nuraghe that consists of a main three-floored tower including the original tower, named "a tholos", and of three decentralised towers connected with some corridors which form the walls surrounding the whole complex. Inside, a courtyard and a well can be seen. From there you can access to the stairs leading to the higher floors, to the meeting-room and the side-towers.

The main tower dates back to IX century BD, whereas the side-towers and the external bastion date back to the VIII century BD. Both on the main tower and on the side corridors many loop-holes can be seen. The complex is surrounded by plenty of circular huts where local people of the time used to carry out their daily activities. There are also basaltic structures dated back to the Roman Age. The site is reachable taking the SS 131-bis up to the 131. The direction to follow is towards "Bono", road fork for "Sant’Antine" at about 1 kilometre from 131.