Giants' Tomb

The tombs’ complex consists of two sepulchres and six sacred stones and it’s located near a nuraghe named likewise. The two tombs, though badly kept, have the typical shape of a bull’s head. In the former tomb the corridor is made of squared and pentagonal slabs of stone. On the left side of the tomb there are six basaltic cone-shaped sacred stones which are about one metre high and symbolise virility and fertility. The latter tomb is nearly crumbling and showed the front face named "a filare" and stars named "a dentelli".

Both sepulchres date back between XIV and XI century BD. Last excavation gave life to ceramics named "a pettine" and "a cerchielli". The site is reachable taking the 129-bis leading to Bosa and the 292 towards Suni, up to Sant’Antonio’s road fork. Afterwards the first country road on the right must be taken, for about 4 kilometres.