"Vasi Tetrapoidi" Tomb

The tomb was found by chance in 1959. Together with other four or five tombs it’s part of a small necropolis drawn by the side of a tiny tufaceous hill. It can be defined as an hypogeum, to some extent magnificent, regarding the cult of the dead. The characteristics of this tomb are widespread elsewhere in Sardinia. The tomb consists, in the middle, of a big rectangular apartment with two pillars. Nine cells of different size surround the apartment, preceded by a small semi-circular hall.

The entrance consists of a long South-oriented "dromos". There are also some vast reproductions of bull’s horns which symbolise strength and life after death. Last excavation works recovered over 447 archaeological finds dated back between 3000 and 2000 years BD. The site is reachable taking the SS 131-bis, towards Ittiri, past Olmedo’ s road fork. It’s only 10 kilometres from Alghero.